There is now free Wi-Fi at 54 TTC locations ahead of 2018 subway tunnel rollout


  • Shogun

    Until Wifi and/or cell service is available in the tunnels, this is no big deal. People don’t stand around TTC stations that long to bother using this service. The average wait time for a train is 4 minutes in off-peak period while its closer to 2 during rush hour.
    Who seriously has the time to bother or care about a Wifi connection in so little time?

    • Polin Huang

      oh people stand and are made to wait at ttc stations all the time. Maybe you’re just to used to it lol

  • Andrew English

    The TTC needs to stop wasting time and money in rolling Wifi at their stations (plaform level) and work with carriers to bring cell services all through the TTC system so that customers can continue to access their carrier of choice service not matter where they are. 20+ years ago Boston moved all their street cars to the underground and worked with the cell companies so they can provide coverage throughout the entire system; they have far more ground to cover than the TTC does yet when I am there exploring areas I haven’t been to and either I am on above ground or below ground transit I get full coverage my roaming carrier. Toronto’s system is tiny compared to Boston MA system, they did in less time than it’s taken the TTC to do.

    • Jason CX5

      Last I read it was the carriers that did not want to participate

    • Tim

      BAI is installing the equipment, not the TTC.