SyrupCast Ep. 105: Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 still sell?


  • danakin

    This week’s episode featured host Igor Bonifacic along with: Jessica Vomiero, Zach Gilbert, and Patrick O’Rourke.

    Samsung was the theme of the show’s initial segment. Their vice-chairman’s legal issues were briefly mentioned before moving on to some financial news. Jessica was first out of the gate offering that she didn’t know how these large conglomerated do it (have a 3rd best ever quarter amid 2nd half 2016 turbulence). Perhaps taking the time to research that question would have been “time well spent” prior to taking a seat on the podcast roundtable.

    Thankfully Patrick’s recap of the recent Samsung news added the necessary substance to kick-off a lively and informative discussion. This segment was very information dense; kudos to the podcasters for making it listenable.

    More Korean tech news followed as the discussion moved to the upcoming G6 and its inescapable gimmicky pedigree; this time an expected 18:9 aspect ratio screen. A significant part of the discussion focused, justifiably, on what the G5 tried to achieve and largely failed in doing. Unlike the Samsung recap, there wasn’t as much to dive into and the quartet did fine to communicate what was available. This was a solid segment and, unlike the initial segment, no one tasted their shoe leather.

    This week’s show gets a 8.2 SMSPR (Subjective MobileSyrup Podcast Review) score.

  • Cowpoke Sal

    It sell…it sell good, yeah?