Shaw Q1 2017: Shaw quarterly profit cut in half due to Shomi shutdown

An image showing the Shaw Communications logo


  • southerndinner

    Awww poor big telecom company 🙁

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      Don’t time, Shaw will increase its rate to “compete” with ROBELLUS.

    • specialk2000

      Once they activate that 600mhz spectrum that’s when it will go up IMO. I know the auction hasn’t even happened yet but this is all assuming LOL

  • Techguru86

    Better to have a big 4 who can shake things up than the same old BS from the same 3 companies

  • Zoidbort

    Burn you corporate greed machine.

  • PhoenixGal

    I am a front line Shaw employee.. this cut affects us bottom feeders as well.

  • Omar

    Good. They are throttling our internet speed (haven’t reached our limit) because we stream a lot of videos and TV at our house.

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  • Ian

    Freedom Mobile promises LTE speed where I live either this summer or fall. Right now they offer a “Promo 30” (unlimited Canadian calling & messaging, 1 GB) for $30. Right now I pay about that much for only talk-and-text with 200 local minutes. When LTE is established perhaps I’ll switch.