MacBook Pro earns ‘Recommended’ rating from Consumer Reports after retesting


  • Shogun

    Meh…Still wouldn’t touch this thing with a ten foot pole. It’s overrated and way to pricey for what you get

  • It’s Me

    This is going to upset a lot of people.

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      For sure but it is a great way to start Brad Fortin’s weekend.

    • TheTechSmith

      I’ll never understand how people get upset about positive stories. The tech world is better when a good product comes out from anyone, because it pushes everyone else to do better. If it weren’t for Apple, the smartphone would still resemble a BlackBerry, and the majority of PCs purchased and thus made would be clunky 15″-17″ plastic beasts with 768p monitors and 5400rpm spinners. Though I won’t be purchasing one (better value found elsewhere), I’m glad it’s a good machine at least.

    • It’s Me

      If people didn’t obsess about hating Apple, what else would they have to do with their time?

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      What else they do with their time? They will spend their time loving the product. Read a lot of good stuff about it. Its not all about being upset nor hating. I am a PC user and I still love Apple product. I had a Macbook that I used for 6 years. I just had to switch back to PC because of the stuff I do. I switched from Android to Apple last year due to family decision.

      Majority of people aren’t hating..they are just trolling because they knew it would cause negative responses and those fools love that!

  • PygmySurfer

    Can’t believe how much Apple is charging for previous-generation CPUs.

    • ciderrules

      Can’t believe Intel made a “brand-new” CPU with the same performance as last years.

    • PygmySurfer

      I can, doesn’t really bother me too much. It’s things like native HEVC and VP9 decoding and improved battery life that make Kaby Lake more desirable than Sky Lake.

    • ciderrules

      Yeah, nothing like taking a year to bring minor improvements.

      I remember building a new gaming rig every year because the newest processors and video cards had substantial performance increases. Now you can keep a rig for several years and it’s still competitive.

      Hoping AMD’s Ryzen is good enough to kick Intel in the a$$ and get them to start innovating. They’ve had the lead for so long they’re getting complacent.

    • BetelgeuseOrion

      so you are trying to tell me that the 7700HQ is exactly the same speed as the 6700HQ?

    • Brad Fortin

      There were no changes to the architecture, therefore no changes to the number of instructions each core can handle per cycle, therefore no changes to the performance of each core. So when clocked the same, yes, a 7700HQ is exactly the same speed as the 6700HQ (unless encoding or decoding VP9/HEVC, that got some hardware improvements, or gaming on the integrated graphics, the iGPU got a slight bump).

  • simphf

    Absolutely reprehensible.

    • Do Do

      Reprehensible may be strong but they sure lost some credibility which they couldn’t afford to lose. With all the Youtube reviewers around CS’s opinion is becoming less and less significant anyway.

  • Ricky Bobby

    And there we go. Apple was telling us we were charging it wrong this entire time. Apple users had to turn off a feature to get the advertised battery life

    • It’s Me

      What feature did the users have to turn off? A dev mode setting no one uses?

      Apple acknowledged a bug a fixed it. CR re-did their test without the dev mode setting that exposes the bug but now that’s it’s fixed you can feel free to enable the setting no one uses and get the same result. Wait, that would imply you actually use one.

    • Do Do

      Yes, “a bug” is fixed. but not all and I’m not certain yet that the rest of the battery issues can be fixed with software.

      Personally my theory is if you use ANY non apple software, ie Chrome. Your battery time is significantly reduced. I mean down to maybe half or less of what is expected.

      I know my 2015 only ever gets about 4-6 hours just surfing and watching youtube videos using chrome. Haven’t tested it with Safari safari to prove this.

  • Lulzon

    LOL. Nothing like being a corporate power house to get Consumer Reports to no only re-review your produce once, but twice to finally get the result you want.