It was only a matter of time before Instagram Stories started playing ads


  • Unorthodox

    This new MobileSyrup skin is so freaking frustrating. I already mentioned wrong (possibly intentional) placement of ads and comments. Now another – I scroll down to get the first lines of paragraph up on top for easier reading, and MOBILESYRUP banner then appears back and covers the top part. So I have to really know/feel how much I should be scrolling? People, do you actually test before you accept new designs?!!

  • gommer strike

    Why is the comment section SO FAR DOWN the page, and below the “Related Articles”? Mobilesyrup you trying to hide it or what?

    Anyways. Instagram is a bit of a fail ever since they changed the timeline away from chronological order(the only order which matters), and onto the stupid Facebook style. And so they’re adding ads to the equation above in video format, retarded but no surprise. If they force us to view the ads then they are going down the tubes even more.