Facebook says you can fix Android app battery issues by resetting the app


  • Brigitte Laskowski

    I have a better solution. Download “Metal Pro” sign in and then delete Facebook. Also, you could leave the Facebook world and get a Google+ account.

    • Adam

      Might as well sign up for Myspace while I’m at it.

  • AJ

    Patrick, you might want to re-word the title. Title says, “resetting” while article suggests just restarting (force closing and starting again) the app is enough. I would say ‘resetting’ would mean deleting all the data from the app.

  • AGuy

    Uninstalling and side-loading Facebook lite solved it for me.

  • AW Sudo

    Slide Chat is also a good alternative, less than 3 MB in size — manage FB, FB Messenger, and even Twitter if you wanted.

    Why anyone wastes time on the bloated mobile app of FB is beyond me.

  • Captain Henry Morgan

    I say, you can fix battery life by removing facebook on your mobile devices.

    • Syaz

      Exactly what I did… And my batter bolstered by about 20%.

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      It happened to my wife and she didn’t want to admit that taking Facebook out will save her battery life. I uninstalled it and it fixed the problem but she puts it back. Oh well..what can I do? LOL

    • Syaz

      You tried your best… I guess I’m lucky. I told my wife and now she only accesses through the browser.

  • Lukeiphone

    Glitchy android system as always

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      What do you mean? it happens on iOS too. It is just Facebook that hogs battery life.

    • #WorldPhoneUnlock

      Clearly Android’s fault it’s happening on iPhones.

    • Jason

      “server side” this had nothing to do with the phones

  • Christopher Robert


    Wow the first truthful release to the public the company has ever had. I can do one better for your battery though, do not use this app it violates your privacy and the only way to prevent it draining your battery is to disable/uninstall it immediately after a factory reset.

    Facebook, even the web site, install tracking cookies on your phone that are constantly pulling data from your phone from all the apps you use, even incognito mode. It uses your battery and your data without permission and on most phone that it is pre installed on it hides both of those usage stats under Android System or on Apple as iOS usage. It is not. If you own an Android phone and the number one thing listed on your battery usage screen is Android system its really Facebook draining your battery.

    People need to wake up and stop putting up with this crap.

  • Angelo B

    Have you read the app permissions? All those background processes are the issue. Just use the mobile browser page. Issue solved.

  • BetelgeuseOrion

    why not just uninstall facebook along with its crap messenger app from your phone, problem solved.

    • #WorldPhoneUnlock

      Most phones won’t allow you to “uninstall” Facebook.
      You can disable it, but not uninstall it.
      You can remove the updates, but Facebook app will still be on the phone.
      You’ll have to root your phone to “uninstall” of the Facebook app.