Samsung has shipped over 5 million Gear VR headsets, 10 million hours of video viewed


  • Brad Fortin

    Only 2 hours of video watched per device sold? That seems pretty low. Do people lose interest in watching VR video after only a handful of YouTube and Netflix videos?

    • thereasoner

      “shipped”, probably half of these, if not more, were given away free with a new device/contract, many of those with the S7.

      The one I have for my S6 has seen a combination of video, 360° pictures and games.

      In my case, I’ve probably spent most hours on the puzzle/escape type games and 360° photos, the videos are limited and quote short, at least the ones I’ve seen. Could be a lot more now though, I haven’t checked recently nor have I tried YouTube yet.

    • Smanny

      There is a specific YouTube VR app now. Which was initially released in the fall of 2016. Netflix VR, Hulu, and others as well were only recently a month or two ago. Everyday more and more content arrives for VR, including Daydream VR. Now Daydream VR supports Cardboard apps.

      Samsung needs to bring some kind of spacial awareness to their Gear VR. Daydream includes a 9 axis touch pad controller. So that ups the level of VR to the platform. I was hoping for two controllers, but at least users are guaranteed one controller as part of that platform. The Gear VR headset has a touch pad, but I believe Samsung needs to bring some kind of spacial awareness to the Gear VR, as a standard. Oculus Rift now has this, the HTC Vive had it from day one, and Sony’s PS VR has spacial awareness as well. Once you use a VR platform that offers spacial awareness, then it’s hard to go back and use a VR platform that hasn’t standardize any kind of spacial awareness. I have the Oculus Rift, Sony PS VR, Daydream VR, and Gear VR. So I know a thing or two about VR.

    • It’s Me

      Shipped != sold. Could be a lot of these sitting in stores and carrier stockrooms.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Its something you’d use for a day before it starts collecting dust. Waste of money unless you get it free.

  • Roger

    Most of the 10 million hours is from watching p0rn.