Canadians can now download Megaman 1 – 6 on Android and iOS

After Capcom announced it would re-release the six original Nintendo Entertainment System entries in the Megaman series on mobile back in December, the Blue Bomber has promptly arrived on Android and iOS.

And while all six games are available now via both major app marketplaces, the re-launch hasn’t gone off without a hitch.

Early user reviews suggest each of the titles suffers from frame rate drops, which comes as particularly surprising given that the games are running on significantly more powerful hardware. On the flip side, players report the touch controls work well. In either case, it may be best to hold off on buying any of the installments until Capcom sorts out any launch issues.

If you can’t hold off, however, I’ve added links to each game’s iTunes and Google Play store page. On Android, each title costs $2.89, while on iOS the games are priced at $2.79 a piece.