Google is launching new developer tools for viewing VR content in Chrome for Android

Google Daydream

Google has plans to soon make it easier to view a wide range of VR content without installing multiple apps, thanks to an upcoming Android Chrome browser update designed for Android 7.0 and Daydream.

Starting with the release of Chrome 56 for Android, which is currently available in beta, developers now have access to WebR and a new gamepad API that facilitates the creation of virtual reality experiences that can then be viewed directly in the browser of any Daydream-compatible phone. The only two smartphones that are currently Daydream certified are Google’s Pixel and Motorola’s Moto Z.

While experiences designed with this API will only be available in Google’s Chrome browser, developers are now able to access the user’s position and orientation, resulting in the web app responding to the wearer’s movement in virtual reality. The gamepad API, as you might have guessed, allows users to hook a controller up to the experience, with Daydream’s controller being just one example.

This new browser-focused development API opens Google’s Daydream platform to a wider range of users that don’t want to install a new app for each virtual reality platform they want to test out.