Leef’s iBridge 3 expands your iPhone or iPad’s storage


  • LeCanadianBacon


  • The Iceman Cometh

    LMAO! It’s really to bad that companies need to resort to this and Apple is still damn lazy to incorporate the ability to use an SD card into their overpriced devices. Gadgets like this really make me laugh trying to find work arounds for inherently limiting devices.

    • It’s a little silly, but I think this thing could be useful for some people.

    • thomas nguyen

      I doubt it’s laziness. It’s probably due to the engineering aspects,band what outweighs the input of the SD card. Ex. Engineering room for the SD card bay, how to engineer how we access it ( flip out door like the note? Behind the back case? If you use the back case than you would get blasted for not allowing removable battery, which apple is not a fan of, then you got the values or features apple wants, like water resistance, aesthetics, and how that would play in for this one feature that a minority of the fan base is really complaining.

      All this is a nice way of saying, it does not make sense to implement due to a loss of the bottom line. ( Money)

  • Can’t Fix Stupid

    Apple let’s keep the ipad at 16gb and to really jam consumers call what should have been the Air 3..a “pro” and jack the price up. All in a good days work.

    • Brad Fortin

      Apple recently updated their entire iPad lineup to start at 32 GB. And, as always, there are higher storage capacities available to those who need it.

  • Homer J. Simpson

    I built something similar for my first gen Nexus 7 with only 8gb storage. Except I considered that a having something stick out like that will completely ruin the connector and the port if dropped on, so I used ribbon cable and slid it behind the tablet case making it almost invisible and nearly impossible to screw up the connectors. Of course I was able to use the pogo pins to charge so maybe this was never intended to be plugged in permanently.

  • Alex

    can’t see the merit of getting this device after i got a kingston mobilelite. Best $25 i spent for my apple products. though, i do wish i didn’t have such problems with apple products, oh well,