Google and Salesforce are reportedly interested in buying Twitter

News broke Friday, September 23rd, of a potential bid for the social media giant Twitter.

CNBC was the first to hint that both Google and Salesforce had expressed interest in acquiring Twitter, though a bid has yet to be confirmed. Twitter initially expressed interest in an acquisition a few months back when quarterly reports revealed stalled profits and flatlining user growth.

Since the news broke, Twitter’s stock has been steadily rising, seeing an over 20 percent jump.

According to CNBC‘s sources, Twitter’s suitors are as much interested in the social media platform’s data, as its position as a media company.

Following the report, Salesforce’s chief digital evangelist Vala Afshar turned to Twitter itself to offer his views.

Meanwhile, TechCrunch reports the company has just lost two key staff: head of TV Andrew Adashek and North American Moments curation team lead Marcus Mabry.

Sources tell CNBC that the social media company may receive a formal bid shortly.

Update 09/23/16: TechCrunch has reported that Verizon and Microsoft may also be interested in purchasing Twitter.

Update 09/23/16: Recode has reported that Twitter will be seeking at least $30 billion from a potential buyer.

This story was contributed to by Jessica Vomiero and Rose Behar.