Rogers customers are tweeting that the carrier has cancelled their iPhone 7 orders

Update 09/15/16: Rogers spokesperson Andrew Garas told MobileSyrup: “We’re making sure that all of our customers get their iPhone 7’s as quickly as possible. Any business customers who re-place their order here: http://www.rogersdirect.ca will be placed back in the pre-order line in a similar spot.”

Rogers may be canceling certain iPhone 7 preorders, according to several Twitter users.

Many outraged customers have taken to the social media platform with screen shots of emails or online accounts with the Big Three telecom.


One customer’s email states that the order was submitted through the incorrect reservation system, and the company was therefore unable to fulfill the request.

The common theory from Twitter users, many of whom stated they had business accounts, is that business customers were able to inadvertently put their preorder through the consumer system. Rogers then cancelled their preorders outright and sent them to the business system, where many were not given an equivalent place in line.

There are a few differences between business and consumer preorders. For one, business customers are not billed the $40 deposit fee that consumers are, and secondly, business preorders arrive at the customer’s address, while consumers have to pick their devices up at the store when they come available.

While Rogers may have needed to right the error, it’s unclear why they chose to cancel the preorders rather than resolve the issue internally. MobileSyrup has reached out to the carrier for comment.

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