Samsung’s Gear 360 can now be purchased from Best Buy Canada

Samsung’s latest tech gadget went on sale in Canada last Friday. While the Galaxy Note 7 and Gear VR headset are an integral part of Samsung’s future, the Gear 360 will play an important role in the evolution of Samsung’s devices.

The Gear 360’s design is shaped like a ball and features two fisheye lenses, each capable of shooting 4K video and 30 megapixel still images at 195 degrees with an f/2.0 aperture for both. The device captures images at 7,776 x 3,888 pixel resolution and has the capability to support 128GB microSD cards.

Canadian can purchase this through the Samsung Experience stores for $499, but if you’re having a challenge finding one then Best Buy is taking pre-orders with availability pegged for August 27th. The price is the same at $499.99.

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