Google will reportedly soon let families share apps, movies and books

Google Play Store

Google will soon let up to six family members share a single Google Play account, according to a report from CNET.

As part of a new initiative called Google Play Family Library the company plans to launch later this month, the account sharing feature will allow families to access a shared pool of apps, videos and books. Notably, users won’t be able to share music, likely because the company has an similar family plan in place for its music streaming service, Google Play Music.

To take advantage of the single account option, users will need to save a credit card for future purchases. Google will automatically send a receipt to the main account holder whenever a purchase is made. However, it’s currently unclear if the company plans to include an option to limit certain users on a family plan (like children) from making purchases without permission. That said, there’s reportedly already an option in-place to allow parents to set what content their children can see.

According to CNET, Google plans to launch this new feature in multiple countries across the world, though the publication did not specifically list Canada as a launch territory.