Canadian HTC 10 buyers once again taunted with unavailable ‘Uh Oh Protection’

Early last month HTC sent out an email to customers that bought the HTC 10 unlocked and online, noting that they’d soon receive a “token of appreciation” in the mail.

A picture sent in by a MobileSyrup reader reveals that the “token” is an extra USB-C cable plus a note that taunts Canadians by falsely stating that they will receive Uh Oh Protection.

Uh Oh Protection is HTC’s free warranty service that protects against not only manufacturer’s defects for the first twelve months, but also broken screens and water damage, providing one free replacement. Not only that, but if the service is not used, the buyer gets an additional $100 off their next purchase of a HTC phone.

htc 10

It’s a tempting incentive to purchase the phone, but sadly only available in the U.S. and Mexico.

This is not the first time HTC has dangled the carrot of Uh Oh Protection in front of the Canadian public, however. In April the copy on its purchase page for HTC 10 caused some to wonder if it had become available in the country.

Additionally, even for American and Mexican customers the phrasing on this card is somewhat misleading, making it seem that the Uh Oh Protection generally comes at an added cost, when it is in fact touted as a free service.

Thanks to Miguel Pereira for sharing!


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