Canadian HTC 10s do not come with the company’s ‘Uh Oh Protection’ plan

When HTC unveiled the HTC 10 last week it immediately put its new unlocked flagship up for sale and said it would start shipping to customers within three business days.

An unlocked HTC 10 purchased through the company’s online store retails for $999 — with this discount code the device can be obtained for $100 less. Some early adopters noted their device was set to come with HTC’s “Uh Oh Protection” plan, according to the checkout window. The Uh Oh Protection is a feature that HTC rolled out in 2014 to U.S. customers. The plan offers a replacement device to those who break their device within 12 months of purchasing it, be it internal damage from a drop, a crack, or water damage.

Uh Oh Protection is not offered in Canada

Unfortunately, it appears the plan is still not actually available in Canada. In a statement to MobileSyrup, HTC Canada said, “Uh Oh Protection is not offered in Canada. HTC is updating the wording on the purchase page for clarity.”

The HTC 10 will also be heading exclusively to Bell later this month. The carrier has not revealed pricing for the new device.

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