SyrupCast 73.5: Remaster E3


With E3, gaming’s annual conference on its way, Patrick and I sat down to do a special one-off episode of the SyrupCast devoted to our favourite shared hobby.

We also used this time to spend some time talking about the rumoured mid-generation upgrades to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (spoiler warning: we think they’re a bad idea), as well as what games we’re excited to see at the show. In the end, though, we mostly ended up reminiscing about our favourite games from the previous generation — any other Final Fantasy 6 fans out there?

As we mention at the end of the podcast, if there are any Overwatch players listening, drop a comment or hit up us on Twitter; we need more bodies for our professional Overwatch team.

Enjoy and thanks for listening.

Hosts: Patrick O’Rourke, Igor Bonifacic
Duration: 31:56

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Closing song credit: Final Fantasy VI decisive battle theme