Latest Pebble Update includes more health features for smartwatch and mobile app

Pebble Health

Today, it seems as if every smartwatch doubles as a fitness tracker, and Pebble is no exception. With its latest update, the company has improved and added several new features to its mobile app and lineup of smartwatches.

By downloading version 3.12 of the Pebble iOS and Android app, and Firmware 3.12 for one of the company’s watches, Pebble owners will be able to see a more comprehensive view of their health achievements, which translates to a more accurate view of their steps and sleep patterns.

The update also offers users some less obvious fixes, including updates to the device’s alarm clock and its texting capabilities.

After updating the program, watch alarms will attempt to determine whether the user is sleeping deeply or about to wake up. If the user is almost awake anyway, the alarm will sound 30 minutes earlier.

Furthermore, iOS users can now respond to favourite or recent conversations on their smartwatch through pre-written responses or by sending voice responses.

Pebble hadn’t updated its smartwatch with any fitness and health features until late last year, when the company came out with Pebble Health. As it now has the Apple watch and FitBit to compete with, Pebble seems to be moving full speed ahead.

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