$129 Windows 10-powered Acer Liquid M330 now available in Canada

After launching in U.S. partway through last month, the Acer Liquid M330 is now available in Canada.

Available exclusively via the Microsoft Store, this $129 CAD phone ships with Windows 10 Mobile, a 4.5 inch 854 x 480 IPS display, 8GB of internal storage (expandable via a microSD slot), a quad-core Snapdragon 210 processor, 1GB of RAM and two 5-megapixel front and back-facing cameras.

The M330 comes with a replaceable 2000mAh battery the company says is capable of sustaining the device through 15 hours of continuous talk-time and up to 230 hours of standby. In terms of connectivity, Acer’s latest phone is Cat 4 LTE, Bluetooth 4.0 Wi-Fi 802.11n compatible.