This adapter gives the 30-year-old NES wireless controllers


The moment you’ve been waiting 30 years for has finally arrived.

8Bitdo’s latest accessory allows the company’s various controllers to be plugged directly into the now positively ancient Nintendo Entertainment System.

Analogue, the manufacturer behind the insane 24-karat gold NES, has collaborated with retro controller manufacturer 8BitDo to create a new receiver that connects wireless controllers directly to Nintendo’s first home video game console.

In order for the tech to work, you’ll need to own both the Retro Receiver and one of 8BitDo’s controllers, though the company does offer a variety of retro-infused input devices. Each receiver is priced at $20 USD and is able to connect four players per dongle.

Finally, you’ll be able to play the original Legend of Zelda from the comfort of your couch.