SyrupCast 62: The future of Android N and Apple’s next play

On this week’s episode of the SyrupCast we speak about Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, Apple’s upcoming Media event on March 21st, and Google next version of Android, currently known as Android N.

Hosts: Igor Bonifacic, Patrick O’Rourke, Ian Hardy
Duration: 35 mins

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  • danakin

    Hopefully Cory Joseph doesn’t get traded any time soon.

    Right off the bat; one minor criticism of Igor’s vocal tone and inflection on the podcast kick-off. It was lifeless and tepid. This is not to say he has to go full carnival barker; just put a modicum of enthusiasm into the effort you’re, I assume, expecting listeners to enjoy.

    Not surprisingly the first act featured a Galaxy S7 review; solid discussion by the three. All the pertinent elements were ably discussed and listeners were left with solid impressions on the good, bad, and ugly of the device. “TouchWiz at its best is a dumpster fire” was the line of the podcast.

    A deft transition into the Android N preview followed. The lads’ initial focus was on the picture-in-picture feature native to the next iteration of the OS. It was refreshing that the conversation didn’t degenerate into a urination competition between mobile operating systems over who came up with this (or other features) first. Other podcasts, including the previous iteration of this one, could learn from this. Solid points made on whether Google (or more precisely Alphabet) is looking at an enterprise play. The rest of the N discussion was handled intelligently. A well executed segment.

    The flipside to the discussion coin was Apple’s upcoming announcement. A bit of cynicism in the segment’s initial comment moved into whether a refreshed, smaller iPhone is the right move and who its to be marketed to, how it will be priced, and whether their margins will be maintained. The putative shrunken iPad Pro was also ably covered. Minor detail error detected; the iPhone 4 was never a 4” phone.

    I would have appreciated a bit more (healthy) journalistic skepticism over Tim Cook’s contention that iOS and OS X will never converge. The trio did, after all, discuss a handful of Steve Jobs’ bold proclamations that Apple eventually relented on. This last bit felt a bit sycophantic.

    The trio is starting to hit their stride and a real chemistry is developing. I have high hopes for what this podcast promises. This week’s show gets a 8.2 SMSPR (Subjective MobileSyrup Podcast Review) score.