Viceland set to go live February 29 with free three-month preview

Rogers and Vice Media announced a three-year $100 million content, studio and distribution partnership a year ago, and today revealed that the 24-hour specialty TV channel created through this agreement will go live February 29th at 5:00am EST.

According to the release, Viceland and the Vice Canada’s new studio focusses on producing daily news, long-form content, and “underreported issues and topics” in several categories, including food, fashion, tech and sports.

The partnership has seen “more than 100 writers, directors, editors, producers, and filmmakers been hired to create sought-after, homegrown content for all screens, to be exported around the world.”

Rogers notes that all Canadians will have access to a free nationwide three-month free preview of Viceland and that it has amassed hundreds of hours of original content that includes programs such as Gaycation with Ellen Page, Dead Set on Life, and Black Market with Michael K. Williams.