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Twitter unveils emojis for every player participating in the NBA All-Star Game

Twitter is full of news this week. Apart from its earnings, the real-time communication service unveiled a new algorithmic timeline that gives users the option to easily follow the best Tweets in their timeline.

Today, on the heels of the NBA All Star Game in Toronto, Twitter has rolled out new emojis for every player participating in game. In total, there are 24 emojis and the list includes DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry from the Toronto Raptors, and other notables such as Andre Drummond, Chris Bosh, Isaiah Thomas, Kobe Bryant (last All-Star game), Stephen Curry, and LeBron James.

The actual All Star game is happening at 8:00pm on February 14th with various events throughout the weekend, including the skills competition on Saturday night.

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