Acer to start bundling Microsoft Office on its phones and tablets


  • Anonymous501

    Who want’s to pay a reoccuring neverending fee to use office? The only thing worse than paying a few hundred dollars for office is making it subscription based. I’m lucky enough I get to use it for $11 because my employer is in some program with Microsoft, but if my only option was to pay for it outright or go on a subscription I would go with something free like openoffice.

    • Do Do

      ALL software subscription models are a racket. They just bleed everyone out slowly.

  • Hopefully it can un-installed. Or at least disabled.

    • Mr Dog

      Wha is wrong with free office?

    • I don’t want to waste screen real-estate, time, or bandwidth on apps I’m not using. And I prefer to make my own choices of what’s installed on my devices and which software or services I’m going to use.

    • dont buy an iphone or any android if that is the case. lol

    • Do Do

      Most vile people in society are conformists. He bought his phone, he should be allowed to decide what goes on it. Other than an OS, the owner of the phone should decide. If we left it up to you our phones would be simple bloatware infest commercials for corporations, AND we’d get to pay for the privilege.

    • But we cant. Welcome to reality. There will always be something on the phone you cant uninstall. Same goes for WM10.

    • Do Do

      In my reality I root my phone and block scum bag apps from communicating without my permission but you feel free to keep bending over and enjoying the privilege in your reality. Unfortunately you have to root your phone to do it. Why? Because scum bag companies and pathetic conformists don’t have a problem with the abuse of consumer’s private information. However I’m confident this will change. Only a matter of time.

    • My world your world. I am confused. I purchased a phone to call people.. If you wanted a pc go buy a pc.

    • TomsDisqusted

      Nothing, Office is free on Android. Anyone can download it if they want it.

      But having it forced on you – taking up space for the entire life of the phone though you never used it once – is ridiculous and wasteful.

    • Do Do

      Bloatware should be a crime. Soon it will be in north america also as it is in more intelligent societies. What MS is trying to do is hook you in. You start using it for free on mobile and then they hook you into the 365 subscription on a home computer. 365 is racket that people should never pay for. Send MS a message.

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