Rogers increases Share Everything price plans in Quebec by $5 [Update]

As Canada’s largest carrier, Rogers loves being first to market with various products, and was recently one of the first telcos to raise the cost of its wireless services $5 a month across the country, but not in Quebec. Other carriers, such as Bell, Telus, and SaskTel quickly followed, noting the reason for the jump was due to the weaker Canadian Dollar.

According to sources, Rogers will be following the own trend by increasing the monthly pricing of its Share Everything, Share Everything+, and non-Share plans on February 11th.

Customers considering to sign up with the Share Everything+ Plan with data buckets of 4GB, 6GB, 10GB or 14GB will see an increase of $5 per month, starting at $65 on the No Tab option, rising to $110 with the 14GB Share Everything+ plan Canada-wide plan.

The Quebec Non-Share plan with 500MB data, along with 1GB Smart Tab plan, will see a bump up by $5 per month to start at $52 and $60, respectively. In addition, the largest increase is the Quebec Non-Share plan No Tab with will be priced at $60, up $10.50.

Quebec-based rival Videotron opted for a different strategy by keeping the monthly price plan the same whiling dropping the data allotment of its premium plans. For example, the $74.95 per month plan now offers 3GB of data versus 4GB, and the $84.95 plan now has a reduction of 1GB to 5GB of monthly data.

Rogers recently announced its Q4 results and earned $3.45 billion in revenue with 9.88 million total wireless subscribers.

Update – February 11th: Rogers has gone live with the new monthly rate plans as stated above. Majority of the Share Everything price plans are now $5 higher per month.