Rogers increases Share Everything price plans in Quebec by $5 [Update]


  • Kyolux

    Yay! Competition at work!

  • hoo dat

    They’ve got to pay for Mobilicity somehow.

  • gommer strike

    You Quebec guys have Vidéotron. You know…the same company that everyone here clamored for and who would be the savior of all mobile plan pricing out here in the West.

    And hey look – Rogers just goes ahead with it. Shrug like I said…you guys have Vidéotron…you don’t have to use Rogers…

    • Syaz

      I wish we had a Vidéotron like player in Ontario that actually had decent services in more rural areas. Wind would have been great, but I’m never impressed with service.

    • MassDeduction

      Shaw is going to try to get access to Videotron’s band 13 spectrum in BC, AB, and ON. If that happens, then Wind will be able to truly compete on coverage. Not until.

    • Syaz

      I truly hope this happens. I’m almost tempted to get a plan with them in the coming months just to lock in at a grandfathered rate and pay until this comes to fruition.

    • danbob333

      Rogers plans are still cheaper in Quebec.

    • gommer strike

      Ya? If that’s the case…*hands up* I don’t know what to say yo. Competition and all that stuff…and whoa whoa Rogers is cheaper than Videotron? Darn say it ain’t so!

    • Kyolux

      Yeah, if you want a normal price with them, you need cable, internet, landline, etc. bundle prices. Not really worth it.

      I’m hanging on Wind as long as I can and when that ends, well.. I don’t know!

    • gommer strike

      …and what do you know, hey? For all the talk of the need for so-called “4th competitor”, Videotron isn’t even all that different from the Big 3. What they do, and their prices are…surprise surprise…pretty much the same.

  • RjPiston

    Could someone possibly explain how our weak dollar affects this increase? Isn’t Rogers a Canadian company with Canadian user-base who is paid in Canadian currency?

    • revelation68

      Can’t say for certain but chances are they probably buy there equipment in a currency other then Canadian. What happens when things stabilize tho, you think they will give you the 5$ back lol.?..haha oh robbers

    • Delphus

      When they buy handsets, they are paid in CDN $$

      Apple were the first to increase CDN prices for operators

      And towers/servers etc. Everyone one wants amazing speeds, that comes with a cost

    • Aaron Hoyland

      Their claim is that most of their network equipment is purchased in US dollars, which costs them more as our dollar falls. Thus, as they build new towers, upgrade 3G towers to LTE, etc, it costs them more in Canadian dollars.

      While that’s likely somewhat true, their recently announced financials point to the fact that their ARPU is falling due to people bringing their own devices, which is why they also took the opportunity to reduce their BYOD discounts.

    • gusto5

      The rationale (whether you think it’s fair or not) is that anything essentially purchased outside of Canadian currency now costs more. Telecommunications equipment for expansion and upkeep for example, may be sourced outside of Canada

    • danbob333

      You forget they pay their employees (phone support) in Indian rupees or Philippine pesos.

  • Sérgio Da Silva

    I had a dream and it’s coming true…
    Canadian carriers will charge per month for wireless services the same price of a high end smartphone… this day is coming soon!

    Proud to be Canadian 😉

  • Mandy

    They should have to prove before a court that this increase is called for. This is gouging simple as that built on a lie!