SaskTel and Videotron change plans in response to price increases from Big Three


  • Elton Bello


  • djino

    Competition at its finest!

  • Mike Scott

    I find it funny how carriers definitely want you above that certain level.. what 65 vs 75 gets you ..

    • Ipse


  • Randy Marsh

    I’m paying $15 a month from petro canada, I don’t need all of those ‘features’. What I get is unlimited text, 100 Canada wide anytime minutes, and voice-mail. And the company uses Rogers towers so the coverage is really good

    • Brendan Moore

      You are in a very different market segment from me. I’m pushing right up against my 5GB data limit every month, and use very few SMS. Phone fluctuates from 200- 500 minutes.

    • Elton Bello

      You are wasting your money. Take rogers 100$ yearly plan.

    • MassDeduction

      Is that a grandparented plan? When I looked on their website their current $15 plan was Canada-wide text, but included only 25 minutes.

    • Randy Marsh

      It was promotional plan that lasted a for few months

  • Ricky Bobby

    Meanwhile the CRTC is sitting at home collecting their cheques

    • Not mention the payoffs from the wireless carriers.

    • MassDeduction

      Why would the wireless carriers pay off the CRTC when they’re regulated by Industry Canada? 🙂

    • MassDeduction

      The CRTC regulates TV. The carriers are regulated by Industry Canada.

  • cartfan88

    Excellent. Another kick at the Canadian consumer while things are getting tougher. Letstalk

  • Benjamin Lehto

    The ONLY fix for this is the one that the public will never do in high enough numbers and that is cancel services and do without our smartphone addictions for as long as it takes to declare victory and force change down their throats.

    Since that will never happen and the CRTC has shown they are not for the public in these issues then all this is mute and we all will collectively bend over and accept the oligopolies kindness and customer appreciation.

    • MassDeduction

      The fix for this is for consumers to educate themselves to their options and start switching carriers to the best-priced ones. Public Mobile (owned by Telus) offers province-wide talk, Canada-wide text, and 12GB for $195 for 90 days. It’s approximately the equivalent of 4GB a month for $65. It’s all prepaid/BYOD, but for those savings it’s worth buying a device outright.

      Instead consumers hit the kiosks in the malls and pay way more a month, and get a “free” phone (that they actually pay through the nose for by the end of their two year contract). Consumers HAVE better options, and if they started moving to them in droves then carriers would see the value in being more price competitive. Instead Canadian consumers are telling them again and again that they’re more interested in the up-front savings on the devices than they are the long-term monthly savings. So how can you blame carriers for structuring their models that way? I blame consumers more than the carriers.

  • dc2000

    & this is why I’m sticking with WIND. When it’s confirmed that Shaw has bought WIND out in a few months or so, I’ll be glad to know prices may raise a bit, but it’ll still be a very competitive market. $35/mth and I get 5GB with unl cnd/us calling from any zone, Vancouver’s zone is spotty, but I find 85-90% of the time I have coverage, and if not then I have a backup phone with VOIP that I carry.

    I’m done paying hundreds for coverage when I pay $70 for two cells + tax with 5GB each, one with calling and one is data only(on another carrier).

    So, so done.

    • Kevin

      Man… I really wish Wind will open shop in Québec some day, the plans are amazing and the prices super cheap compared to the others

  • MoYeung


  • WhoCares1000

    To be fair, Sasktel increased prices the end of November before anyone else did.

  • Yellow By The Dozen

    Wow, sure glad I never signed a contract with Sasktel. I’m still on the old Ultimate 65 plan from 2013 that has unlimited minutes and data (with the slow down after 10GB)

  • Omar

    Awaiting Wind to follow suite.

    • Tim

      Winds pricing will jump after Shaw takes over everything.

  • Keity

    This would have been a great momentum and slash into the competition…. But wait… There’s no competition. There’s no fight to offer services there’s just fight to rip off clients

  • Sérgio Da Silva

    Proud to be Canadian!

  • hardy83

    OH! The completion is SO FIERCE!

    It’s not like buying a coffee! Yuk yuk!

  • Fogman

    I noticed that for Videotron, although they reduced the allocation of data, they also lowered some phone prices (like the iPhone 6s, 6s+, G4…).

  • Thorsten Garbe

    Thats Canada at its finest.
    I call it reversed competition: or lets see how high we can go before people run away.

  • MoYeung

    Canadian collusion, anti-trust fact?

  • Darcy Latta

    These prices were changed back in November in response to Telus and Bell increasing their plans in Saskatchewan. As it wasn’t Quebec or Ontario, it didn’t warrant an article. Bell increased they’re plans in Saskatchewan today to match Telus, but that won’t warrant an article. Better to report on something that happened months ago then something relevant. Please, mobilesyrup, remember that Saskatchewan is part of Canada and has relevance.

  • Justin

    So if I’m already in a contract with MTS for almost another two yrs left (started it a cpl months ago) can they increase the price of my plan and that’s okay??

    • Abel

      Technically, they can but they won’t. I believe that will allow for cancellation on your part, since they have to give you 30-day notice or something and you could walk away without penalty.