Beck Taxi app now supports autopay functionality on iOS


  • pmarcovi

    You cannot call a Beck cab in the burbs. Uber works everywhere!

  • Daniel DiMatteo

    Encouraging their drivers to NOT protest and coming out with an app to compete…better ideas than many in the taxi industry

  • Robby Gill

    If Febreze sponsored the cabs I might consider using them again.

    • Jesse

      Hahah that’s good

  • DownwithRobellus

    Your about a couple years too late. Instead of sitting around thinking you guys had a service on lock you should have been working on an app. Now, Uber is hear to eat your lunch and the majority of the public is with them. Go ahead and strike this weekend cause your only going to make it worse for you.

    I’m baffled why the Taxis guys aren’t pissed at management that didn’t think t improving the service would be a priority and offering an phone app. Oh well

  • James P

    Wow, Beck has finally started embracing new technologies! Too little too late for the archaic company in a soon-to-be obsolete industry, but good step nonetheless.

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  • h2oflyer

    Darwin had it right. Some evolve to environment changes, and some like the Dodo bird got left behind.