Square Enix surprise releases Final Fantasy IX for iOS and Android


  • barrist

    check them roman numerals…

    • Eduardo

      No kidding!
      IX on the title, IX on the link but links to XI; XI on the second paragraph then IX again!

    • Roman numerals are hard, yo.

  • This game was cool but slightly felt like a Dragonball remake. Kinda a spoiler for someone who has never played the game but it is loosely similar to the story of Dragonball

  • Mo Dabbas

    According to the two app stores this is a discounted prices.
    “- Special sale price for the FINAL FANTASY IX release!
    -20% off from February 10 to February 21, 2016!”

    That’s an expensive game. Is it worth it?? Is the story connected between all final fantasy games?

    • No, this one isn’t connected to others. This one is a stand alone story and if you are a playstation owner (ps3), you might be able to get it for half that price on the psn store.

  • Loved this game, we just need VIII (8) now.
    Kinda interesting they add cheats for the unskilled players.

  • Jo

    Thanks for the news, I’m so happy!