App of the Week: Cineplex makes movie night simple


  • Zbiba

    Been using it for a while, interface is the most modern out there, and I would really love to see it receive the material treatment, but it still works pretty well and has proven itself to be reliable over the years.

  • great review for a great app

  • 7-down

    Android version seriously needs to get some Material Design love. That thing has been the same old clunky thing for years now! Heck, it doesn’t have to be MD, just update the damn thing with fresh coat of paint!

    • IgnoranceIsBliss

      They haven’t updated the Android version since June 2014… I don’t know why the iOS version gets more attention (last updated Nov. 2015) as they are likely many more Android users. On the other hand, I guess it does offer all the functionality that is really needed but a redesign and compatibility with tablets would be nice.

    • Adam Reinhardt

      In a word? Wallet

    • Francis L-R

      Yeah…that’s exactly my thought. Even the Windows app gets more attention. The Android app just plainly sucks. It kills my battery if I don’t force stop it after I’m finish, crashes when I finish my purchase, and it takes the money from my paypal account anyway, without sending me tickets. They’ve been good a rembursing me, but still, unacceptable..!
      Hopefully, this “good review” for the iOS app will get to them and will work on updating the Android app. I get the mindset of “don’t fix it if it isn’t broken”, but in this case, it is the opposite!

  • Mitchell Leitman

    You forgot to mention the Windows 10 app. I’ve been using it on my Surface. I’m told a mobile version of the Windows app is also just weeks away.

  • Mo Dabbas

    And you can use it with the point card to earn points within the app to get free movies or popcorn/drinks.

  • jmevee

    they need to update their android app. it’s atrocious.

  • PowerWheelz #BB10

    Time Play is a good accompanying app that goes with Cineplex

  • MassDeduction

    The app is also available in the Windows (app) Store for those who may benefit from that.