New HTC One M10 leaked image resembles the One A9


  • Victor Creed

    They aren’t even trying anymore. Get out of mobile completely and prey your VR sells. Making iClone’s isn’t going to work.

  • will

    Is the ugly HTC bar still present? Boom sound would add a lot more value that the stupid HTC bar

  • Donny Chau

    NOoooo……. I want the boom sound. I can deal with the ugly HTC bar. I can’t deal with this. I will get a Nexus 6P when time to upgrade.

  • ChrisPollard77

    Seriously? You’re trying to say HTC is copying the look of the iPhone? A look that APPLE copied pretty directly from HTC in the first place? Really?? Get real here.

    • Iz3man

      What I don’t get is why there are still folk that try and convince mobile syrup of this.. It’s clear they are a pro apple blog… Even is apple called it the Iphone HTC M7, mobile syrup would still blame htc for copying apple.

    • Brad Fortin

      I don’t recall Apple abandoning a single downward-firing speaker for stereo front-facing speakers, or replacing a physical home button with a built-in fingerprint reader with capacitive buttons, or switching from a flat-backed device with rounded sides to a round-backed device with square sides, or moving the camera from the edge of the device to the centre of the device.

      Seems to me like Apple borrowed one idea (antenna lines) while HTC borrowed a whole lot (physical home button with fingerprint reader instead of capacitive buttons, single downward-firing speaker instead of stereo front-facing speakers, flat back with rounded sides instead of round back with square sides, camera at the top of the device instead of the middle, full round front cover glass instead of square cover glass surrounded by metal frame) and you’re having a fit over Apple’s 1 borrowed idea while pretending HTC didn’t borrow a whole lot more.

    • thereasoner

      Only the home button and that obviously is from Samsung. The rest HTC was already doing on either their flagship M series or midrange Desire line.

      Apple on the other hand wasn’t building phones anything like iPhone M7 before they blatantly copied HTC. From antenna lines to the metal unibody and even the exact screen size, the iPhone 6 was clearly a clone on the HTC M7!

    • Brad Fortin

      Home button with built-in fingerprint reader is from Samsung? The iPhone 5S had it 6 months before the S5 did, but nice try.

      But don’t worry, I know better than to argue with a person who uses the title “thereasoner” as an oxymoron.

    • thereasoner

      I’m not trying anything, it looks exactly like the Samsung home button and the latest version from HTC is shaped something in between the two except it has no button/home capabilities, its just a fingerprint sensor.

  • Iz3man

    Wow I guess htc got lucky with the m7 design. They have been trying to match it but making the one uglier and uglier…

    This thing looks as ugly and the Iphone.

  • SexyHyde

    But that front does look insanely like an iPhone! Yeah the back of the iPhone got lifted from the m7, but not this bad. Who cares anyway, HTC won’t be making any phones soon.

  • thereasoner

    Hmm…they shrank the Samsung like home button down on this one, I guess that’s all the space they need for a finger print sensor.

  • bembol

    Sad the once and mighty hTc that gave us the One M7 has fallen.

    It seems like they got cocky and had this attitude if Apple can do it why can’t we with the M8 & M9.

    What’s worst is they slapped us in the face buy releasing an M9+ overseas that clearly should’ve been the true upgrade here at home.

    I’ll take a wild guess, this will retail for $699. LOL

  • George

    Sinking company….

  • Wizzy

    I’ve had 3 iphones and 5 android phones and the One M7 is the best of the lot. If they only could have improved on that phone, but each one they release interests me less and less.

  • This is just another phone! Not a high tech computer! Omg my M8, going to M9 and that’s it, HTC is…. Dead.

  • RagnarokNCC

    I really want to see this in person. I hope the speaker makes up for the loss of boomsound. Not sure about the sensor on the front, still think the 6X/6P did it best. The absence of branding on the front is classy, and the textured power button is always a welcome touch. Please be good!

  • gommer strike

    Going against the grain here, but I kinda like it. Even though it reminds of a certain phone maker’s phone ya.

  • MDH684

    I work in sales and this phone might be a decent option for the odd person looking to switch from apple to android but still want something that’s similar physically, at least that’s how I’m going to position it.

  • Kasey C

    Bye, Bye HTC……

  • THE Real

    This is weak HTC.