Microsoft acquires popular keyboard app SwiftKey (Update)


  • MassDeduction

    I appreciated the article’s final paragraph, as I was otherwise confused why Microsoft would want to invest in a company that has a competing, but not necessarily superior, product. The AI element makes a lot more sense.

    • Marc Palumbo

      I have a feeling that this is more for the patents. But we can almost assume that Microsoft is out to dominate the app markets on Android and iOS. They want to make sure that even though you’re using Android or iOS, you’re mostly using Microsoft software.

  • Omar

    They’ll start tracking everything you type like they do on Windows 10 but on other operating systems now.

    • Everything does that. Nothing new if Microsoft joins in

  • Doombots


  • MoYeung

    This is actually good news for Microsoft.

    • xanth18

      However, probably bad news for everyone else who enjoys Swiftkey.

    • Marc Palumbo

      How so?

  • Hamid

    This is awesome. I just switched from WP to android and haven’t found a keyboard as good as Microsoft’s but swiftkey was the closest. I anticipate happy typing and swiping.

    • It’s Me

      It’s been a while since I’ve used either on Android or iOS but I always preferred Swype over Swiftkey. But I hear lots of people prefer Swiftkey.

    • FlamesFan89

      I used to be a Swiftkey user, and before that Swype, but when I tried out the Google keyboard, I was hooked and haven’t moved back. I do think that both Swype and Swiftkey are great keyboards though.

  • Abel

    How ironic that SwiftKey is not on Windows Phone and was purchased by Microsoft!

    By the way, I use both (MS’s Word Flow on my Lumia, and SwiftKey on my Android tablet). As much praise as MS’s Word Flow deserves, it doesn’t come near SwiftKey. I could name many advantages the latter has over the former, but I’ll just mention these two: better predictions and learning, and multi-language capabilities. I have English, French and Spanish on both. While SwiftKey gets the word right most of the times, regardless of what language I’m typing in, and learns new words fairly quickly, WordFlow is a challenge, and I have to specifically change the language to the one I want to type in, for one thing.

    Hope they can make use of it for WM10!

  • RS

    I love swiftkey on my android but I think MS’s keyboard was superior on WP. It would be great if MS came out with a version for android.
    Although I agree with you guys about it not being about swiftkey app itself.