4-inch iPhone, iPad Air 3 and Apple Watch update set for March 15 Apple event: report


  • Me Ted

    I don’t know. I don’t get excited for any of these events anymore. Phones. Watches. Tablets. Apple. Google. Meh. Although I do have to say that the MS SurfaceBook announcement was well done.

    • neo905

      VR has potential. But it is still 3 or 4 years away.

    • thereasoner

      For Apple perhaps, for the rest of us this year will be huge for VR.

    • It’s Me

      Agreed. VR has been “the next big thing” since the 1980’s and early 90’s. While it is back in the tech sector and getting a fair bit of attention from the tech blogosphere, I don’t personally know anyone that has actually put down their money for a full fledged VR setup yet.

      I’d say it’s 2-3 year away from making any real impact, regardless of the cheerleaders saying it’s big now. Still needs someone to really make a compelling offering that stimulates actual sales. My money, right now, is on Microsoft.

    • cartfan88

      None of this is move the needle stuff…as much as the fans want it to. Growth is starting to slip across techland. Apple will still have big cash flow, but small tweaks like this to existing product will not reignite growth.

  • Erik Tyler

    Wow, some new watch bands! And an iPad that will be exactly the same as the last iPad (except for that one new feature that no one uses). And a more expensive iPhone 5s, because everyone’s been begging for an updated FOUR INCH phone. And people wonder why Apple is starting to turn. This shows why Jobs was such a necessity. As his influence fades with time, so does Apple’s ingenuity.

    • Vito R.

      Seems your memory fades with time too. I guess your forgot the running joke when Jobs was alive was that every iPod was just smaller and held more songs than the one before it. Also, iPod was released in 2001, iPhone was released in 2007.

      I guess manufacturers should just stop making their products incrementally faster/better because you don’t see that beneficial?

      Maybe you should email Intel and tell them they should have quit with the 386 or tell Ford they should have stopped releasing new cars after the Model T.

    • ShaBi

      Nothing is official yet. Save your hate for another day.

  • Tech Guru


  • MeHow

    Most of the people can’t believe that the progress in the mobile industry has passed the momentum and the only discovery in this matter can revolve around ‘less’ or ‘more’ (sometimes related to ‘slower’ or ‘faster’) or ‘thinner’ or ‘thicker’. We are not going to see powerful build-in projectors, lasers, amplifiers, hyper connectors, liquid fuel cells, atomic clocks, satellite radios or TVs. More or less, what could have been packed in with current state of technology has been already implemented in a way to satisfy 95% of daily users. Remaining 5% will always complain for ‘less’ or ‘more’ (sometimes related to ‘slower’ or ‘faster’) or ‘thinner’ or ‘thicker’. Phones were meant to connect people via voice option, computers were designed for gaming, processing and typing. The rest is marketing.

    • fmradio68

      Well said.

  • FlamesFan89

    I’m beginning to wonder why any of these companies, Apple, Samsung, Google, anyone, hold these events anymore. Seems like a waste of money considering that by the time the event happens, every detail has been known for months due to “leaks”.

    They should just launch a webpage with all the details instead of wasting the time and resources to host the events.

    • MeHow

      That’s exactly what I was taking about in my post above… marketing…. marketing! They need the hype of media to sell their products. The pathway is created for next 10 years. In 2017 they will chip in Camera – 16 MB, in 2018 – 256GB, in 2019 Camera for FaceTime in a Watch, in 2020 – 2 days battery life for phones and watches, in 2021 – 18 MB Camera, in 2022 – 2 cameras on the back … etc…

    • Exactly, it’s all related to marketing. While we might be informed about all Apple’s upcoming product releases long before the average person is, this isn’t the case for everyone.

    • cartfan88

      Maybe the focus will return to broader tech at this point. I’m not sure the diehards realized the innovation and excitement from all of this stuff is waning. Thinner, lighter, faster $1000 please has gotten stale.

      If anything as things go stale, they might have to up the pr budgets just to get noticed. Rose Gold innovation starts here.

  • thereasoner

    Apple should be on the VR bandwagon already, instead all they’ve got is this recycled junk. Cook messed up , he went all in on an overpriced watch while innovative tech companies are releasing the next big thing in VR devices/accessories.

    • cartfan88

      Yep. I guess they have the cash to buy their way in…like Beats and streaming I guess. Google (now the worlds biggest company by mkt cap) has been doing lots of innovative r&d across the board…but for me it’s hard to get excited about the new slightly thinner smartphone.