Samsung mobile web browser gets native ad-blocking support


  • hardy83

    Oh man. I would love if Chrome browser for Android support adblocker.

    It’s not that don’t want to support stuff, it’s that sometimes the popup ads or banner/bigbox ads completely break the page through poorly written code.
    The most annoying is popup ads that do not go away, even if you hit the close button, making it impossible to view the page you were trying to get to.

    • Yeah, it makes no sense. I don’t mind seeing ads to support stuff I like – I even see ads that interest me some times.

      But when a site doesn’t adapt to my screen size and I can’t close the ad, let alone see it or the content I was originally going for then the site has lost the ad and lost my interest in ever coming back!!!

    • cartfan88

      If have a huge problem if it’s the disgusting clickbait stuff attached to Disqus…which I block happily. Not a problem if they were just sticking to legit companies. But it’s either block all or block none. So I block all. Get rid of taboola, outbrain, zergnet etc and then I don’t need to block.

    • RoboBonobo

      Google probably won’t do that. Ads are Google’s bread and butter. They already banned all the ad blocker apps from the Play Store. But I think you can still sideload them if you can find them on the web.

    • cartfan88

      Switch to Firefox for Android and you can get an add on that blocks. Works really good. No more disgusting taboola type stuff.

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