BlackBerry Priv February security patch now rolling out


  • St. Misery

    Kudos to them for taking this stuff seriously and getting around carrier approvals. For BB to fill this out faster than google does to the nexus devices is very impressive.

    • Victor Creed

      Not sure this update includes the security update Google is releasing though. Seems its just Blackberry’s own security update.

  • Haseeb Khan

    I’ve been with apple in the past ( The I phone 4 only ) then went with an android device the Samsung Galaxy S3. Android Truly Changed My Experience !! Then however i decided I’ll go with a Note 3 . Now having a note 4 I think I’ll stick with Samsung for a bit until Blackberry comes out with an amazing Android device. Because Blackberry Was Once The King Of Phones . Sadly they came into the market late, however seeing the Blackberry Priv, really got me pumped .. Samsung needs to work on their Updates & Fix some Situations… Correct Me If I’m Wrong. Thanks . But Blackberry Will Differently Be My Next Android Device. If They Work On some Hardware And Make A Better Keyboard Then The Priv.

  • Andrew

    The constant security updates that BlackBerry has been doing is great and they have Marshmallow right around the corner. Still holding up their word, they seem to be one of the few OEMs doing Android right.

    • dc2000

      Are they though? I’ve had the Priv since launch and although I’ve customized the heck out of it(not using the default launcher, different keyboard with tasker configuration for when the physical kb is out, different icon packs, etc). But, I’m rather annoyed how other devices(non-Nexus ones) are getting 6.0, with the added security, more control, using an SD card as part of the overall storage-which on it’s own is huge for me, etc. and I’m here still on 5.1.1.

      Also, more annoying is that the camera is great, but using non-BB camera software won’t work(raw, more refined control over photos, etc).

      Lastly, the battery… I wish someone had created an external battery case for the Priv(much like other devices and the OEM apple case), because 4hrs SOT is great, but I’m used to getting 12hrs easily on my Note 4 w/ a Zero Lemon battery+case. So 4hrs right now doesn’t seem great at all. I’m constantly charging it in the middle of the day and I use two devices, so if this was my primary go-to device, I’m be screwed.

    • Andrew

      I have a Priv as well. I agree that I wish Marshmallow was already out, would be nice to be able to select App Permissions already, but if you look at the list of devices with an available Marshmallow update it is still pretty low and BlackBerry mentioned it is coming out this quarter(I think right?) so it should be out soon. Debatably the Priv is more secure than most Marshmallow devices if they are not being updated with the monthly patches and they use less secure encryption.

      I haven’t had any issue with the camera app, but good point.

      For me my battery is outstanding. If I text and surf throughout an average day I go to sleep with it still around 25%-30%. If I’m playing games on it, it will usually need a quick top-up for 30 minutes later in the day. Is there maybe an app you have installed that is annihilating your battery or unfortunately it may have a dud battery?

    • dc2000

      They said the announcement will be this quarter. So, if I’m not mistaken they can announce that they’re bringing out Marshmallow, but if that announcement isn’t until March, and they state 6.0 isn’t coming out til June, then that’s even longer.

      I find I don’t use most of the BlackBerry features. The HUB, I rarely use and am deciding if I should remove it. The swipe pane for calendar and emails come in handy, and I have Tasker running to swap between keyboards when the physical kb is out or not. Only reason why I do this is because when the keyboard is out, and if you have a custom kb set in place non of the gestures work(for now).

      See, I’m a heavy user. I’m used to 12+ hrs of SOT. So for me to get 3.5-4.5 isn’t good enough. I’m hoping someone comes out with an extended battery + case like ZeroLemon has with other devices. I miss my Note 4 because of that 10,000mAh battery and the ridiculous SOT it had, I once hit 15hrs. Remarkable.

      I’m hoping 6.0 comes with everything it needs to enhance the Priv’s experience. I’m seeing more and more Priv’s in the while, so it’s a good sign(saw 4 in a single day once, I was impressed).

      BlackBerry is certainly making a come around, just not sure if it’s enough. I’m holding onto my Priv for dear life at this moment. lol.

  • Rumble and Sway

    Wow. Big deal. Meanwhile shareholders still getting the shaft