We may have not seen the last of Amazon’s Fire Phone


  • Rimtu Kahn

    This does not make sense, require more clarity.

  • techraan

    What do you mean, “wrest control of Android from Google? Another click-bait headline? Amazon doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Philippines of getting Android away from Google.

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      Not the OS, but the ‘core services’ aspects is what this article is claiming that Amazon is attempting to ‘wrest’ here. But nobody wanted it the first time with their fire phone, what makes Amazon believe that consumers want their SAMSUNGs, HTCs, LGs or SONYs to be crippled like BlackBerry 10 & Fire devices??

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      Indeed, they should be looking at convincing OEMs to include their services along with google’s if they want to compete not to remove them. Or in the worst scenario making those apps (google play services) a thing users will be able to download But to deny them access to google store will be suicide for the OEM

  • Ryan

    So Amazon wants to install bloatware in other manufacturer’s phones. Let’s hope no one caves to Amazon and their massive war chest of money.