We may have not seen the last of Amazon’s Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone

While it’s unlikely we’ll see another Amazon-made Fire Phone released in our lifetimes, it doesn’t appear the e-commerce giant has entirely given up on Google’s operating system.

In fact, according to a report from The Information, Amazon hopes to wrest control of Android from Google. The company is reportedly in talks with various device manufacturers to get its apps and services on Android devices in place of Google’s offerings. The idea, according to the report, is to get other Android OEMs to start producing devices that resemble the Fire Phone and its more successful Kindle Fire tablets.

Obviously, Amazon has very good reasons for wanting to get a greater share of the Android’s marketshare. Despite the failure of the Fire Phone, the company’s future, like so many of its tech peers, is still very much tied to mobile. According to recently released court documents, Google has made more than $32-billion from Android alone. With the number of active Android devices forecasted to continue growing, particularly in the developing world, Amazon likely sees the platform as an important way to diversify its revenue beyond e-commerce and cloud computing.

Whether this is a good thing for consumers is another matter. Android OEMs that want to ship an Android device with Google Play Services pre-installed need to adhere to certain guidelines set by Google. What Google’s stance is in this case is unclear, but we could see fewer phones ship with access to the Play Store.

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