Roam Mobility raises prices on plans for Canadians traveling to the U.S.

We’ve already gone through it with our domestic carriers, and now one of Canada’s best ways to visit the United States, Roam Mobility, has raised prices on its daily and data-only plans.

Roam Mobility, the former name of the brand’s parent company, now called Otono Networks, operates as a true MVNO of T-Mobile, allowing it to resell the carrier’s 3G and LTE networks with its own branding. Customers buy a SIM card for a compatible unlocked device, along with a plan that is activated online before leaving Canada.


In a statement to customers, Roam notes that “like many Canadian businesses, the recent global and currency market shifts have had a negative impact on our costs,” forcing them to raise prices a modest amount. Its most popular plan, a daily talk-text-data, has increased by $1 CAD to $4.95 per day, but the company notes that it has also negotiated with T-Mobile to increase daily 4G LTE data allowances from 400MB to 500MB. The plans also include unlimited talk and text to U.S. and Canadian numbers.

Customers who buy 30-day plans now get 15GB where they would have previously received 12GB, but the overall cost has risen by $14 CAD overall, since customers still only pay $1 per day after the first 14 days of use.


Other changes include slight modifications to Roam’s data-only plans, which have increased by $2 apiece.

Defending the price increase, Roam notes that “even with the price changes, we are still the best value roaming option for Canadians and we are proud to provide our customers with more data and better rates than any of our competitors.”

Otono Networks recently launched two new products: a prepaid roaming SIM card for Americans traveling to Canada; and a global roaming plan card for iPad users.

For more information, hit up Roam Mobility.