F.lux developers publish response to Apple’s Night Shift


  • Erik N.

    Apple isn’t even trying to innovate anymore! They clearly just scan their app store and whatever they deem as a good idea, they ban and then steal it. C’mon, they should have given credit where it was due

    • blzd

      It was never on the App Store though. But I’m sure they regularly check the jail breaking communities for new ideas, just like this one.

    • I noticed the same thing. Interesting to see that the real of the company aren’t even being paid.

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      Or they assess the apps that are submitted for approval & ‘borrow’ from there.

  • f.lux is actually amazing. I have it on my laptop and my S3. That feature would be cool to see on my ipad if I wasn’t scared it would slow down my tablet with the update

  • southerndinner

    What is the last legitimately innovative feature introduced into iOS that wasn’t shamelessly “Sherlocked”? I’ll give them Force/3D Touch since it’s somewhat useful but I can’t think of a single other from the past several iterations?

    • JTon

      Force Touch cannot even be sherlocked since it requires special hardware

    • jndvrk

      Isn’t this the case with any OS these days. What innovative features have Android, Windows, OS X, or whoever is left in Linux land – Ubuntu? – brought to the table that weren’t “inspired” by other OSs or apps?

      Android brought user permissions and app suspending, just like iOS has had for years. MS is slowly abandoning Metro for an odd iOS and Android hybrid looking thing. Windows 10 finally has expose. OS X finally has window docking. It’s all a big melting pot.

      Google just ‘sherlocked’ f.lux for their Play Books app not even a month ago.

      I don’t think Apple will let anyone near iOS’s display system, be it for f.lux type apps or window overlays because they don’t want the security headaches. Having a Sunrise (f.lux like app) on my N7 is great for late night reading. Having malware that can popup window overlays when you launch your banking app to hijack login info is not that great.

  • Eduardo

    Your F.lux link in the second paragraph links to this same article.

  • fruvous

    Where are the lawsuits?

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      Apple is much too litigiously-superior compared to f.lux; it’s not even worth it without proof that their IP was stolen.

  • Sam Policicchio

    I don’t see this as a bad thing like most of you people do! I see it as a safe way to get something that I want in my phone! Rather then jailbreaking my phone and voiding my phones manufactures warranty (and most extended warranties) I’m finally getting a feature that should have been there long ago. Yes I had to wait longer but it’s a smarter way to go about this. Do I believe apple should work with f.lux? Ya probably…very excited about this. Can’t wait to see what more apple brings to the table with there next update

  • beyond

    Apple should have worked with f.lux on this, at the very least they should have thrown a load of cash at f.lus and purchased the company.