Google Canada moving into new development office in Kitchener this Thursday


  • Andrew Gallagher

    Maybe they can work on bringing Android Pay/Google Fiber/Fi/Google Voice to Canada too? We can only hope.

    • Victor Creed

      Too many government restrictions for Voice or Fibre for that matter. As for Pay goes we’ve already seen what our banks think of another company putting their hands in the cookie jar (Apple Pay). Most of the lack regarding Google presence in Canada is due to restrictions most likely.

    • Chris Clark

      In 2008 or 2009 Google mentioned they were bringing Voice to Canada as soon as they can. I’m now convinced they gave up once they met our government.

  • robinottawa

    With the dollar not showing signs of recovery in the medium term, they are doing well with this investment, I think.

  • nonenone22

    Wow. Google moving into a new office is news.

    • I was happy to learn about this.

  • DroDro

    The building looks very nice. I studied in the building across the street and had seen the building constructed from scratch. Sometimes I even wished I could work there; but I am in a totally different profession!