QNX’s latest concept car makes the back seat sound like a home theatre


  • K_p0w3r

    Crushing Maserati into cubes . Why is blackberry struggling to make profit again?

  • Wilhelm

    More useless stuff from a company struggling for relevance

    • John Vieira

      To their absolute credit. They bought QNX to use for their OS. And then just didn’t mess with them. QNX is succeeding, good for them, wise purchase.

      Dunno why you gotta hate. Don’t hate, appreciate. Competition is good.

    • Wilhelm

      Yes, they bought it 6 years ago nearly and in all that time what has it done for them? BB10 is essentially dead in the water no matter what baloney Chen spouts. Their market share has dwindled to the point of total irrelevance and hardware sales are falling straight off the precipice where they were sitting since 2013.
      Also, QNX generates absolutely no profit here and never has despite it’s presence in cars since 2004. It was a pet project for that geek Lazaridis who never understood business and seemed comfortable turning this company into a research lab regardless whether it was making money or not. That’s why he got canned alongside Balsillie, which to his credit did have some business brains but Laz couldn’t be bothered to listen. If he had, Android would’ve been hear at least 4 years ago and the state of the operations not so dire.

      Hatred? No. Just tired of seeing this company trying to resurrect a corpse on life support.