Ipsos study shows increasing relevance of mobile devices while shopping

As the year wraps up and the Christmas season comes ever closer, retailers are looking for any way to gain an advantage and encourage customers, especially younger ones, to shop more. Increasingly, that means stepping up and offering a simple, convenient way to make purchases online.

A new Canadian study from Ipsos indicates a five percent jump in consumers making purchases with both smartphones and tablets, to around 25 percent of users in each category. For younger customers, that smartphone statistic jumps to approximately 40 percent.

The survey also reveals that Canadian shoppers are increasingly reliant on their phones in-store. The study shows that 55 percent of smartphone owners comparison shop on their phones while in stores, an increase of 13 percent. Another find showed 50 percent of mobile users aged 18-34 would be interested in receiving coupons that could be redeemed from their phones while shopping, up 39 percent from last year.

Amazon continues to be the favourite destination for online shoppers, moving up 7 percent from last year, to almost a third of total online purchases. The study also indicates that one in five online Canadians aged 18-34 made an online purchase through a sponsored link or post on social media.

Overall, the results of the study clearly show customers increasingly expect a great online, mobile-enhanced experience, complete with benefits like discounts and coupons that traditional shopping often includes.