It’s now easier to find viral videos on YouTube

One of the most significant problems with YouTube’s user-interface has always been the fact that hunting down trending videos is more difficult than it should be. Beyond the recommended scroll bar, which is based on what videos you’ve previously watched, YouTube users have few options when it comes to discovering the video sharing platform’s most viewed content, especially on mobile.

That’s all set to change now that the platform is implementing a new “Trending Tab,” designed to give mobile YouTube users quick access to its most popular videos. The tab curates YouTube’s content based on an algorithm that includes comments, views and what the video services called “external references.” Once a video has been selected it’s included in the Trending Tab on YouTube’s home page.

Unlike recommendations, the tab’s contents have nothing to do with user viewing history, although YouTube’s blog post regarding the new feature indicates some videos may be linked to the user’s geographic location. Furthermore, the official blog post also mentions YouTube may elect to remove explicit videos from the Trending Tab.

The Android version of this new feature allows users to select between various categories such music, gaming and news, however, the feature still isn’t available on iOS or desktop. It’s unclear if specific trending tabs will make their way to other platforms as well.

YouTube’s 2015 rewind video sits at the top of the main trending panel on Android, followed by Disney’s trailer for The BFG. The gaming subcategory features a video about Mario Maker entitled Companion Spring Hell and then, as expected, a plethora of Minecraft related videos.