Spotify’s Year in Music feature is a personalized trip through 2015

With a few notable exceptions, Spotify is seen by many as the de-facto standard in streaming music. Last week, the company put together a Global Year in Music for 2015, listing the music streamed most on their service this year.

Today, Spotify is taking it one step further, giving users a personalized view of their own favourite music of the last year. Users can head to spotify.com/2015 to view an interactive celebration of the year in music, as well as to view a personalized playlist of the Year in Music especially for them.

The playlist will include your first played song, top plays by song, artist, genre and season, show you the total number of minutes spent listening, and the total number of songs and artists played. You’ll also be able to share the custom playlist of your 2015 tracks in a feature called ‘Play it Forward’.

The last remaining mystery is how anybody can celebrate 2015 without Adele, but perhaps the thought of being left out of these year-end celebrations will ultimately push her to add ’25’ to Spotify. Only time will tell.