Google Glass successor Project Aura may actually be two different head-mounted devices

Google Glass

Instead of creating just one successor to Google Glass, recent speculation indicates Project Aura might involve two separate projects, one that features a screen and another that’s been described as “headphones for your face,” according to a report from The Information.

The iteration of Project Aura designed for enterprise use will reportedly feature a screen. The other versions – and there might be more than one – don’t feature a screen, relying on audio for navigation.

The report indicates that the consumer Project Aura, like the original Google Glass, will take advantage of bone conduction for audio reproduction, which means they’re essentially designed to be headphones for your face.

The enterprise edition of Project Aura will feature improved hardware, a new form factor and an emphasis on workplace use through a new project Google will call “Glass for Work.” As reported by The Wall Street Journal earlier this year, this version of Project Aura reportedly includes an external battery pack that attaches magnetically, 5Ghz WiFi and improved heat management.

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