Urbery delivers groceries and booze to Torontonians in two hours


  • I know I am asking the impossible but I hope this gets made for bb10 or at least a web based version like Uber.

    I would use the hell out of this. Weekly!

  • John_JJP

    I’m guessing the “free” for orders over $65 is just a promotion to get their name out. It’s very easy to spend that amount on groceries. Seems like a pretty good deal to have someone do your shopping and deliver it for no cost .. But as a business plan, that would sink pretty fast as I am pretty sure no one would want to do all that work for no pay.

    • Gloomfrost

      I know the CEO, they only shop at specific grocery stores which give them a bulk discount in exchange for exclusivity. In addition, some of their pricing is marked up.

  • Roger

    I don’t trust someone else to pick my fruit and veggies. I’ll pass.

    • Richard Wangly

      Unless you work in an orchard/field, doesn’t someone else already pick them? 🙂

  • After playing around with the website, The only downside to the service is of course, the price. If you shop at NoFrills or any other store that usually has lower prices, this will not be for you.

    If you shop at high end stores like Longo’s, you might love this. An example of pricing is a 24 pack of Nestle water, pure life. $6.99. I have never seen it go above $3 in stores.

    • Harold Mitchell

      You’re so right…..HUGE markup on just about everything…just use Grocery Gateway if you’re so inclined, which is itself expensive but less so than Urbery.

  • Longtin

    “The latest trend in Canada — possibly due to the cold winter ahead — is the delivery of alcohol when you need it.”

    Delivery services have always been around for years and years. Just open a yellow pages or go online and there should be some in your city, I know we have a lot of options. They are pretty cheap as well usually only $4 – $10 extra on top of your case of beer or 26er. I guess making it an app was the smart thing to do! haha

  • LG

    Didn’t you guys hear? LCBO launched their own delivery thing, so no need for markup, and probably all stores will eventually be going into the same model, the aggregators won’t survive

    Plus instabuggy delivers in 1 hr both groceries and cooked foods from whichever store you select on their site since they work with the stores directly for real time inventory. they just got rated as the #1 TO app by narcity, were all over the star, globe, radio, tv