Google could be working on a plan to standardize Android chipsets


Google might be working on something big.

According to a new report from The Information, Google is in talks with chipset manufacturers to build specialized Android processors with larger CPU memory caches, quicker camera controls, and a built-in depth sensor.

This would help standardize an integral portion of the hardware featured in smartphones utilizing Google’s operating system, mitigating many of the platform’s fragmentation issues.

Since creating the A6 processor, Apple has featured self-manufactured processors in its iOS devices, melding hardware and software in a way high-end Android devices struggle to match. This is why, despite the versatility and often significantly higher-clocked chips featured in Android devices, iPhones and iPads often produce better results in benchmark tests, when tested against comparable Android smartphones.

The report says Google believes hardware standardization would result in more consistent performance with high-end Android phones, especially when it comes to loading stock applications like Google Maps, Gmail, as well as the Nexus Camera app.

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