PIAC accuses Videotron’s Unlimited Music of violating Telecommunications Act


  • Swerve Brussee

    Surprised it took as long as a week.

    • SV650

      It takes a while to craft an 18 page response.

  • TheShinraCorp .

    And then the CRTC will respond to it saying: “Just deal with it around yourselves.” Just like they did with the Cable companies and TPIAs…

  • marshallpower

    But the government can give all of our money to their friends and we can’t complain about it.

  • cartfan88

    Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC)…oh the irony….

  • Acrobat1991

    As a client with only 1gb per month, I feel this is a definite disavantage for me. Funny thing: if I had also a landline with them, my 1gb would be enough, otherwise it’s 2 gb minimum. But my girlfriend and I both have the same plan (so 2gb total) and we do spend more (with 2 cell plans) than a client with only 1gb and a landline….but this client would benefit of this service but not us (while still spending more).

    • Karl Dagenais

      Really? You’re complaining when upping your plan to 2gb would cost you 5$/month more to get UNLIMITED music streaming? Ridiculous.

      Have you looked at robellus’ plans lately, especially in Ontario? They pay 50$ more than you do… Just don’t pay theb5$ if you don’t want this new service.

    • Acrobat1991

      Humm, not $5 more and no it’s not worth it (don’t listen to streaming music all that much…I would try it if included but not for extra money….just not worth it for me). But you are welcomed to share if you have too much! 😉

      I was just pointing out that it does discriminate some clients and forces us to upgrade and therefore pay more…which is usually what a lot of us here are against.

    • P1l0t3

      Well if you are not interesting in using it, it is not a discrimatory for you then. Express the will to use it, and then it will be.

    • Delphus

      No worries, most folks here will complain to complain, seems they don’t know what else to do.

      They are probably super competent, know everything and never make mistakes as well 🙂

    • Jean B.

      So what are you complaining about?

    • Acrobat1991

      Am I complaining?

    • fmradio68

      Prices of the 4 providers in Quebec are identical Videotron matched the Big 3. The fact that Ontario has higher pricing is irrelevant as the topic is Videotron and in Quebec.

    • Karl Dagenais

      Show me a big three plan with 6gb for 85$

    • fmradio68

      If you had followed the pricing in Quebec, as the thread is about Videotron. Then you would have seen that the Big 3 had set their 6GB plans with 2 year contracts at $85. And gradually Videotron raised theirs to $85. Also Videotrron copied Bells data allotments.But recently Bell changed their pricing and their data allotments so now they are more expensive.

      FURTHERMORE, When Videotron launched they were actually more expensive than the Big 3 so I don’t see this fascination why this fascination with Videotron.

    • Karl Dagenais

      I do follow Videotron, I live here and am a client of theirs for TV and home internet.

      You can’t really count when Videotron launched, becauce back then they simply were resellers of Rogers’ network and had really bad plans. Since they have their network, they have been undercutting the big 3 for a few years now. They’re easily 25-30$ cheaper, consistently, and even more if you’re bundling services with them.

    • Karl Dagenais

      Just checked Bell’s website. Right now, an all inclusive talk and text plan with 6gb plan is 85$, but then you have to add 30$/month for BYOD or 50$/month for a “plus device”… where that subsidy is included with Videotron. So, really, it’s 50$ cheaper. AND unlimited music streaming.

      How you can be UNimpressed is what’s impressive.

    • fmradio68

      It is not $85 plus $50.. You have it all wrong. A flagship phone with Bell required a $85 6GB plan. But recently Bell lowered their data to 5GB. So how much was Videotron ‘ s 6Gb plan and how much is it now? You guessed it it. It is now $8&.

    • fmradio68

      I’m sorry but you are wrong. I had Videotron moblle when they launched their network. At the time unlimited talk and text wasv$45 plus another $40 for 5GB. Meanwhile Bell, Rogers and Telus had already been offering 6GB plans in the $60-$70 range. Way before Videotron launched their network. I know many who still have those old plans from the Big 3.

      You see Videotron was banking on their unlimited talk and text.

      It was not until the CRTC made the decision to go with 2 year contract that Videotron started giving decent prices. The so called $55 for 3GB and $60 for GB plans. I know because I had a plan with unlimited talk and text in Mobfreal with them. Their Mo

    • disqus_vPnVddwEMi

      This is absolutely absurd, you are not entitled to every offer a service provider has for free simply because you’re customer. If Videotron only wants to offer it with their more expensive plans, that’s 100% their prerogative and does not discriminate against you as a customer. This practice exists in every industry – pay more, get more.

      Not surprised someone did file this objection but quite unfortunate from a customer point of view. Short of delaying launch until they’ve built their system to accommodate every single music streaming service with 1+ subscribers, this seemed like a reasonable approach to offering something customers would want.

    • Acrobat1991

      I am just talking about net neutrality. And this is not an “offer from a service provider”. There is no extra services here. I can already use all of these services from Spotify, etc. The “offer” is to “pay more in order not to be charged (for overage)”. I am not going to pay more per month in order not to be charged more. I am not complaining, I am only stating that fact and net neutrality issues I see here. Not all internet data is treated the same between client A and client B.

      Anyway thanks for the “respectful reply”

  • MassDeduction

    I’m not even sure how this is supposed to work on a technical level. When T-Mobile rolled out Music Freedom, they had oodles of PCS and AWS spectrum.

    Videotron has AWS HSPA (though considerably less than T-Mobile has in most markets) and a sliver of band 13 LTE. Can Videotron possibly have enough spectrum to make this work given they recently surpassed 700K wireless subscribers in a relatively small geographic area?

    If I were a Videotron customer who was not planning to get/use Music Unlimited, I would be concerned about people using/abusing it soaking up local bandwidth and creating congestion problems for me, despite me not benefitting from it. Videotron doesn’t have the treasure troves of CLR and PCS that the big-3 have, nor nearly as much AWS-1 as the incumbents, they have half as much band 13 as the big-3 have band 12/17, and AWS-3 has yet to come online at all (it’s probably still over a year away).

    • charles gauthier

      Roaming on Bell and rogers is free 😉 When I’m on Videotron PRTNR (which is LTE and when Videotron doesnt get in) spotify doesn’t count on my data usage

    • MassDeduction

      My concern would be the Videotron network getting so congested that it doesn’t work well when you’re not on PRTNR.

    • charles gauthier

      I’m in Montreal and I’m actually getting 75mbps down with the speedtest app on the Telus server. It is quite good for an ”new” company

    • MassDeduction

      Part of how they do that is by their network not being congested, though. So they ought to be mindful of keeping it that way. 🙂