OnePlus One celebrates its one year anniversary with a $1 price drop

OnePlus launched its “flagship killer” exactly one year ago today. At the time, the company’s motto was “Never Settle” as it announced its desire to “not just be another phone company,” but “a new kind of tech company that works hand-in-hand with users to create amazing things.”

The result was the OnePlus One, and while there were frustrations with its invitation process and the company’s questionable marketing practices to promote the smartphone, success of the OnePlus One cannot be denied. The company has sold over 1 million units of the device, and plans to follow it up in few months with the One Plus 2.

In the meantime, to celebrate its birthday, OnePlus has discounted the OnePlus One by a buck. Yes, $1. That means the 16GB OnePlus One is $388.99 CAD, while the 64GB version is $438.99. OnePlus says that those interested in buying the device should look at the discount as a “symbolic gesture.”

In addition, OnePlus has discounted by 50% all t-shirts and a number of accessories on its online store.

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