Here are all the flagship Android devices getting Lollipop in Canada

Android lollipop

It’s been almost three months since Lollipop made its debut but only a handful of devices have it. We’re not just talking about older devices, either. The majority of 2014 flagships have yet to receive the update. In fact, January’s Android distribution figures from Google show that Lollipop marketshare sits at less than 0.1% of installations. That isn’t enough to to get it on the marketshare chart.

Despite this bleak fact, manufacturers are working to deploy Lollipop as quickly as possible and the updates are a lot closer this side of the new year. Below is a list of the manufacturers, the devices they plan to upgrade to Lollipop, and the date or month for which the release is scheduled. Where applicable, we’ve included the Canadian release details. To be clear, every phone on this list has been confirmed

We’ll be updating this list as more announcements are made so check back if your phone doesn’t have a release date yet or isn’t on this list.



Moto X 2013: No confirmed time frame
Moto X 2014: Currently soak-testing on WIND Mobile; rolling out to TELUS users
Moto G 2013: No confirmed time frame
Moto G with LTE: No confirmed time frame
Moto G 2014: No confirmed time frame
Moto E: No confirmed time frame



Galaxy S5: January (rumoured)
Galaxy S5 Mini: Later in 2015 (rumoured)
Galaxy Alpha: Later in 2015 (rumoured)
Galaxy S4: After the Galaxy S5 (rumoured)
Galaxy Note 2: Later in 2015 (rumoured)
Galaxy Note 3: After the Galaxy S5 (rumoured)
Galaxy Note 4: After the Galaxy S5 (rumoured)



LG G3: Coming to Canada early 2015 (confirmed)
LG G2: Already rolling out internationally
Nexus 4: Now available
Nexus 5: Now available



HTC One M8: Rolling out now on Bell, SaskTel and WIND Mobile; rolling out to Rogers and TELUS by February 2nd.
HTC One M7: February



Xperia Z1: No confirmed time frame
Xperia Z1 Compact: No confirmed time frame
Xperia Z2: No confirmed time frame
Xperia Z3: First half of February (confirmed)
Xperia Z3 Compact: First half of February (confirmed)