Samsung’s next smartwatch could support wireless charging

CES didn’t bring us a lot of mobile goodies. Partly because the focus of this year’s conference was wearables and IoT, not mobile, but also because many mobile companies prefer to hold off on major announcements until Mobile World Congress in late February.

We already know that Samsung will announce the Galaxy S6 at MWC, as is tradition, and now we’ve heard talk of a new smartwatch from the company, too. Samsung announced the Gear 2, the Gear 2 Neo, and the Gear Fit at MWC last year, and there’s been rumours that the company will announce a new Android Wear watch with a circular design at MWC 2015.

SamMobile today reports that this watch will also feature wireless charging. The site’s sources say that the watch, codenamed Orbis, will support wireless charging, just like the Moto 360.

This would be a first for Samsung, which up until now has used charging cradles as opposed to integrating USB support right into the watch. The idea is good in theory, but it leads to problems if you lose or break the cradle. Early Gear Live owners complained about the easily broken cradle back in July, and some others complained that the cradle was actually damaging their device. Samsung started selling replacement cradles in October. Perhaps with its seventh (yes, seventh) smartwatch, Samsung has learned that the clip-on cradle is not so elegant a solution.