Nokia makes HERE services available to developers

Nokia reminded everyone of its life outside Microsoft earlier this year when it made its HERE mapping application available on Samsung devices. That soon turned into general availability for all Android users, and now Nokia is showing developers a little love.

In addition to the Z Launcher and the N1 tablet, Nokia announced what it’s calling “self-service access” to its developer tools. Outside of a free 90-day trial, developers have a total of five plans or price tiers from which to choose. These are based on a pay-by-transaction price model. This includes a free option with 100,000 monthly transactions and a $1,299 per month plan that allows for 2,000,000 monthly transactions and full access to all of the Nokia HERE services.

Nokia, generally, sees one request to the HERE platform as one transaction. However, for maps, satellite and traffic tiles, one transaction is equal to 15 requests. Similarly, batch geocoding multi-reverse geocoding, venue models, and street level imagery all treat transactions differently.

It’s also worth noting that traffic, transit, street level imagery, and venue images are only available once you start considering the $149 per month options and above. If you want to offer traffic-enabled routing, for example, you’ll have to be willing to pony up $399 per month to get access to that particular service.

Check out all the price plans here.